Long Distance Love

Is Love At A Distance Healthy Or Not


Love From A Distance

There are many people who have experienced what is called a long distance relationship, a relationship that only occurs in person on an intermittent basis. Couples who connect using one of the thousands of online dating services or even using a free adult phone sex chat room, can often find themselves needing to learn how to cope with maintaining a romance with someone who could easily be hundreds of miles away. Or, you may possibly have experienced this if you were in college, staying in touch with someone that you cared about in high school. Long-distance relationships can also come in the form of a married couple where one of them is working remotely. They may not come home for a couple of weeks and you may only have a few days together, which is definitely a long-distance relationship. However, there are many people who wonder if love is enough or if this type of relationship is actually healthy or even worth sticking with. Here is an overview of what to expect and what you should do if you feel that things are not working out.

Is A Long-Distance Relationship Healthy

The first thing that each person needs to think about, especially in a long distance relationship, is how they feel being not living close to the one they love. Is it making them sad or upset, or is this something that doesn’t bother them that much at all? If you feel that it’s not a problem because you actually prefer having more downtime from the relationship, then it’s probably a good thing. However, if this is a sudden change where your spouse has taken a job that has him or her travelling for many weeks of the year, you may want to consider re-evaluating this relationship.

The Purpose Of A Relationship

This type of relationship is very hard to keep going. People need to know that the other person cares and that typically needs to be done in person. It’s really not enough to receive a phone call, text message, or a video-chat on an occasional basis. You may as well just be alone. You do need to take into consideration whether this person is trying to provide for you, ensure that the bills are paid etc. and those are all noble reasons for being away. However, you also need to think about yourself and whether or not this is healthy for you when you are deciding whether to leave or stay. The purpose of a relationship is actually being together and if that is not happening, it might be time to either have this other person change their life so more time can be spent together, or it may be time to part ways.

Long Distance CoupleAlthough this may seem irrational, in regard to the typical mindset that once you are married you need to stay together, you need to also think about your health and your mental well-being. This is especially true if the choice of the other person was optional, where they could spend more time with you, with a job that is local and they have chosen not to do so. Take all of these things into account and soon you will see what is the best decision to make, for you.